The Pointe Shoe Manual©



The Pointe Shoe Manual Workshop

Here is your chance to book the author of The Pointe Shoe Manual©  at your studio!


The Workshops are designed in such a way to ensure that every student will have that one on one attention from the beginning to the end. The author, Mrs. Juarez-Noecker, walks each student through each and every step. Every dancer learns about their feet, their strengths, their weaknesses and most importantly their Pointe Shoes. 

This is the opportunity to have that quality time spent solely on the subject of Pointe.  

Every individual student will be learning the importance of being fitted properly, shoe terms, how to sew, how to tie their ribbons properly, plus so much more. They will learn every crucial step and will leave with the confidence needed to succeed on Pointe!

Book your studio for this hands on Workshop today!

*This is also a great opportunity for students already on Pointe! They can learn something new or improve on what they already know.

     All students will learn: 


Shoe Terms

Understanding Their Feet

What To Look For In A Pointe Shoe For Their Individual Feet

How To Be Fitted Properly

Sewing Guide - Learn How To Sew The Ribbons & Elastic (By Hand/Sewing Machine)

All Methods of Toe/Foot Protection In Pointe Shoes

 How To Tie Their Ribbons

How To "Break In" Their Pointe Shoes

Plus, Some Extra Insider Tips


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